How George Washington read to accomplish goals

Many people view George Washington as the American example of an accomplished military and political leader. Washington’s many accomplishments are well known. George Washington was mostly self-taught. He read to accomplish goals. John Adams said that a real revolution is in the minds of people. It is through the formation of George Washington’s mind that helped the American Revolution come to pass.

Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States by Howard Chandler Christy


Spanish American War: why valor is colorless

Valor in the Spanish American War

The essence of patriotism for one’s country is valiantly displayed throughout the ages. A long-forgotten story about citizens who fought for freedom is the combined effort with the United States and Cuban soldiers in the Spanish American War. The battle occurred near the mouth of the Tallabacoa River, Cuba on June 30, 1898. The battle is known in the annals of American history as the Battle of Tayacoba (a mispronunciation by the Americans). The events that took place highlights the personal courage, self-determination and duty of men resulting in the award of our Nation’s highest medal, the Medal of Honor.