Bravery in the Spanish-American War

Bravery in the Spanish-American War is remarkable since so many men were recognized for a war that was so short. Hostilities in the Spanish-American War lasted less than four months before an armistice was signed. The number of patriots that volunteered to serve in the Spanish-American War is notable. The number of men recognized for their courage for such a short duration in U.S. history is astonishing.


How the actions of one man influenced a generation: William E. Adams

Medal of Honor recipient Major William E. Adams

How the actions of one man influenced a generation

Have you ever come across something or someone who touched your life in a meaningful way? It might have been a phrase or a word. Perhaps it might be just the way a person lived their life. William E. Adams is one of these people. The way he lived and the actions he took influenced a generation of people.


Navajo Code Talker Chester Nez: Telling a tale of bravery and ingenuity

Stars and Stripes by Meredith Tibbetts
November 13, 2015

Navajo Code Talker,  Chester Nez

Chester Nez, Navajo Code Talker, relied on his native language to develop the code, which helped to turn the course of World War II in the favor of the Allies. “I was very proud to say that the Japanese did everything in their power to break that code but they never did,” Chester Nez said in an interview with Stars and Stripes. If any Navajo Code Talker was caught, he said, they would be tortured and their tongues cut out. They risked everything for the United States, even though they were raised in military boarding schools that prohibited them from speaking their native language.

Chester Nez

Chester Nez in uniform

That didn’t stop them from whispering Navajo to each other in secret, said Latham Nez, who travels with his grandfather helping him tell his story. Their language, however, would serve the United States well later, in 1942, when Americans were dying in rising numbers overseas, especially in the Pacific. The Japanese seemed to know what the U.S. military was planning well before it took place.

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