Leadership through Character in a Crucible of Conflict

The Story of Rick Rescorla

Character in a Crucible of Conflict

Extreme events call for extreme measures. The root of extreme events is often conflict. Conflict is the crucible of character.

Tacking action during conflict while staying true to one’s self and humanity is leadership through character. It is about looking out for others during extreme events.

Some may be familiar with the name Rick Rescorla. Others may not have ever heard of him, or if they did, they might have forgotten the story.  Rick Rescorla demonstrated leadership through character throughout his life in remarkable ways when confronted with conflict.


Why humility is a strength

The story of General Grant and humility

Humility is strength

In the context of warfare, humility may elicit images of weakness, submissiveness, and fear. I suggest that this is a false idea of humility. Real humility is a sign of strength, authentic confidence, and courage. It is the mark of a virtuous person. Benjamin Franklin pursued the goal of living a virtuous life and he sought to attain it through living 13 virtues. One of these virtues is humility- having the quiet confidence to allow your actions to speak for themselves.

General Grant at Cold Harbor, Virginia June 11, 1864