The Truth about American Heritage

American Heritage

American heritage is remarkable and incredibly inspiring. The celebration of the traditions and beliefs that society considers essential to its history and culture keeps that heritage alive. America is a country formed by diversity centered around the idea of freedom and opportunity. We are not free unless we are all free. What people are willing to do to preserve that freedom for us is a source of inspiration. The life of Joseph C. Rodriguez represents a tradition of recognizing heroes and the belief in a multi-cultural society. His actions and background is a prime example of American heritage that still inspires today.


Stories of virtue: How they can inspire us

Stories of virtue inspire

The power of story helps us understand what it means to be human.

Stories of virtue inspire us. They are a reminder that we aren’t the first person to experience a challenge. I recently re-read the timeless story of Benjamin Franklin to understand the challenges he faced to achieve his success. Benjamin Franklin is known for his role in forming a new country, but his life continues to inspire people today.